Windows update has broken my Zoom and Skype audio...

Windows update has broken my Zoom and Skype audio…

After restarting following today’s Windows update, I could no longer hear anything on Zoom calls. After a couple of hours of investigating, it turns out Skype audio is broken too and seems to be related to dual microphone / speaker usage through the same bluetooth device…

Does not work: Powerbeat headphone and microphone output


Works OK: Powerbeats headphone output with the the SurfacePro microphone


Works OK: SurfacePro headphone and microphone output with the Realtek driver


Any chance of a fix, Microsoft?

Update: I fixed it… With Ubuntu of course. Booted from with a live USB image and then used bluetoothctl to fully delete the pairing and connection. Re-connected in windows and bingo, it started working again :)